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This is a list of 10 reasons we believe Bitcoin will usher in a new era:

  1. Scarce money incentivizes better decision making at every level of society.
  2. Scarce money makes skills, labor, and materials plentiful.
  3. Standarized money enables long term stability.
  4. Limited governments serve the people, and do not steal from them.
  5. Monetary and economic transparency increases fair trade and free markets.
  6. Decentralization drives power and decision making to the local level where it works best.
  7. War needs to bear its true cost and not as a medium to make money.
  8. Self custody of your money enables true self sovereignty and individual security.
  9. Everyone should be able to preserve their wealth for their families and future generations.
  10. Open source banking for all increases economic partcipation and works to eradicate global poverty.

Ultimately, we want prosperity and longevity for all and Bitcoin helps get us there.